So Close!

Karim here… This is your LAST message before we start our Open House on Monday! I hope you are as excited as Bryan and me… Okay… I don’t think ANYONE could be quite as excited as Bryan… But that’s okay. Remember… We get started Monday at 9 a.m. ET. You can join us right from … Continued

Watch This Next Week

Hey, it’s Karim. Since it’s the weekend… I’ll make this quick. I just wanted to point out one thing you should watch for when you join us in The War Room next week (starting MONDAY!)… It’s something completely different from everything else I’ve seen working in the financial world for more than 30 years. And … Continued

I’d Like to Introduce You… to Overnight Trades

Hey… Just a quick message today as our Open House gets closer and closer. I want to let you know about one thing we have planned for next week. It’s a BIG Overnight Trade. I’m looking to make this one on April 13. Now… What are Overnight Trades? Well… They are one of the most … Continued

Next Week’s Open House

Hey, Bryan again… I want to make sure you realize what you’ll get during our FREE PREVIEW of The War Room. Not only can you join us every single day next week… But the training you’ll get is top-notch… Starting with our first day. We are going to reveal the secrets we use to make … Continued

14X Gains in a Recession?

Karim here… I know Bryan already told you how excited he is for you to join us. But I wanted to write you and let you know how much I’m looking forward to our training sessions next week. In case you missed it… Here’s the schedule (all times ET): Monday, April 12, 2 p.m.: Options … Continued