Success Stories

“In XBI at $2.30 Out $2.99. 30% in 45 minutes. Let’s do this every day!”

Kevin B.

“I’ve made twice my salary in the last two weeks… kinda hard not to consider The War Room. And I’m still a beginner who is learning…”

Bill L.

“WMT, in at $1.65, out at $3.50. A 128% winner.Welcome back indeed, BB.”

Don W.

“Got a 120% gain on CIEN. Best day in The War room!!!”

Nick O.

“Had the CIEN D21 shares. I made 82% total, including both the calls and puts. I’m shaking as I type this, I just can’t believe this is real.”

Bill R.

“I held WMT, CBOE, GM and MSFT through the night. I then exited for 24%, 39%, 54%, and 68% in profit! That totaled up to $3,044 in less than 24 hours. Thanks, Bryan!”

Justin K.

“The process of learning options trading has really opened my eyes. We’re not making money on the growth of a company, we’re making money on the movement and liquidity of its stock. Money is ALWAYS flowing, regardless of the up, down or stagnant nature of the market at that moment. I’ve learned so much, and continue to learn more. Thanks to this community, big-time.”

Bob K.

“After the earning report by FDX on 6/30 PM, Sold two contract on July 1st, for $21.65, for a total price of $4330. The net profit was $3,235, 296%.”


“Bryan has a very hot hand of late – winners just keep coming.”

Kern T.

“Just sold the QID calls. That was my very first trade. Made nearly 50% in profit!”

Allen P.

“Hi… first day here… great tips… I’m up $5,000… thanks.”

Mike C.

“Everything has a learning curve. I mentioned earlier that I am intimidated by options trading. I watched the vets in this room execute some pretty awesome options trades today and learned a TON in less than an hour. I guarantee you won’t get to experience anything like that anywhere else. I am fairly new to trading and a total newbie to options trading but after watching the action in The War Room today, my confidence level is up 1,000%. After one day, I already feel like I’m ready to cut my teeth on some low-cost options. I don’t expect to make much, but if I can make some money while exercising the process, I’m a happy camper. Knowledge is greater than money.”

Marc B.

“Time to log off for today. But not before saying thank you Bryan, Karim, and all the folks at Monument Traders Alliance. I’m a new member to The War Room but not trading rooms and options. You have definitely created something special here and I could not be more pleased. Just sat back today and took it all in. Based on what I have seen, it is going to be a wild ride and I am looking forward to each trading day this year! Thanks again and see you all tomorrow.”

Ty H.

“Thanks, Karim,for the quick $1340 gain on EQX! I just bought it yesterday at $7.00 and am out today at $7.94.”

David S.

“Closed trades today: NVDA 20%…NYT2%…DXD 21%…DIS 23%…HOG 3%…ALLY 33%…LYFT (-22%). Net profit for today: $1,094!!! THANKS BRYAN!!!!:)”

Steve D.

“Loving this action. Came in low on QID and came out with a 40% gain. I would have lost my shirt with other advisors today!”

Bradley G.

“Got in MSFT at $1.98, just sold at $3.70.”

Tom P.

“TY Karim for the Banks USB 40 Call Nest of 2, in at $1.13 out at $4.24, profit $617.40, 271.62% (one day trade).”

Raymond H.

“Bryan, I watched your presentation on May 8 and signed up. I started trading the next day. I am a not an experienced trader. I’ve been doing the best I can following your guidance. In the past two weeks, my average buy was $1,200 on 20 trades, and average profit was $220, including loses. In total, I’m up $4,402 in two weeks! I don’t know if that’s big for some but it is for me. I had 5 losers, but 15 winners! I am a happy camper, THANK YOU! I am getting better by following your training and direction. You and Karim are total winners. I love it!”

Will S.

“Got into OKTA at $4.20, sold this morning for $4.60. Not as good as others but still an A+.”

Ron P.

“Got into OKTA at $3.60. Just got out at $6.60!”

Tony P.

“Stopped out at $7.30, happy to get it! Thanks to The War Room.”

Bill B.

“Out of two OKTA April 85 calls at $5.4X. Average cost was $3.8X. Nice entry gain!”

Ronny V.

“My first buy at $3.60 yesterday, my first winner at $4.50 today. Thanks, Bryan.”

Troy T.

“Closed out IIPR at $9.10 for a nice overnight winner. Thanks Bryan!”

Theo D.

“Winning never gets old. Karim has the knowledge and expertise to pick the right stocks, so you don’t need to know a thing about options. He’s gone to bat for me nine times… eight winners – one tie.”

Danny G.

“Per Karim’s recommendation, I purchased six contracts and sold all six three weeks later for a 112% gain. This was a quick and tidy profit of thousands in less than one month.”

Rick B.

“I have followed Karim’s recommendations and earned total gains of $12,657 with no losses.”

Robert V.

“After hearing you February in Orlando, my interest in options was dramatically increased. The result: a 575% profit on UPL, and a 450% profit on VLO. Thanks Karim, keep up the great work!”

Dr. Darryl K.

“I recently signed up, and I’ve been very impressed. I was new to options and really liked how detailed Karim was in explaining his option trades, not to mention I have a 100% success rate! Keep up the good work!”

Elaine V.

“Karim, I have benefited substantially from using your options trading advice. My gains total more than $6,300! Many thanks.”

Larry S.

“In at $3.19 out at $6.76! made $5,700 8 minutes into the trading day. Might cut out at lunch for golf today.”

Michael K.

“I sold 10 calls for a  100% gain, and I’m letting the rest ride. You got me interested in options with your newsletter. I now have a six-figure return in a little over a year.”

Chris G.

“Sold my 2nd and last TDOC 4/17 105 calls today for $3,500 as it was up 450%. Total profit of $4,019 with 340% total. My best day ever!”

Jim S.

“MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! In less than five minutes, $50,000 was deposited in my account. I had 26 Apple contracts for $26,000, 100 Bank of America contracts for $10,000 and 100 Intel contracts for $10,000! I AM A BELIEVER!! Hail to the Big Kahuna of Wall Street. Looking forward to the future! Thank you, Karim!”

Frank S.

“NFLX in at 10:12 3/6 $360 C at $6.35 nest of 5. Out at 10% trailing stop at 10:31 at $10.90 $2,275.00 in 19 minutes.”

James K.

“I was a skeptic, but now I’m cured. As I watched from the sidelines, it seemed too good to be true – but then I finally bit the bullet. Yesterday, I checked my progress. I’ve more than doubled my pot of gold since I’ve joined – you are awesome, Bryan! Now I believe.”

John W.

“First three trades in a row, all winners. Today I cleared 12.5% in less than five hours! You guys are awesome! This is the first time I ever subscribed to a product where I saw such success so fast. I’ve been a subscriber for less than two months, and my account is up over 50% already. I can’t wait for that big hitter that will really clean house.”

John H.

“I am very much enjoying the money I am making off of your great forecasts. As my son says, you guys kick a**!”

Sharon D.

“You guys and your crystal ball – this is good stuff! I made 21% on your last recommendation – not bad for two days. Keep up the good work.”

Matt J.

“I wanted to write and tell you I was going to cancel my subscription with you before and I thought I would wait three more months to be sure. I thought to trust you, and I’m sure glad I did. That was a very, very, very good call! This market is really tough right now, and you seem to have a good handle on it. So I will stay with you as you seem to be able to help me make more money!”

Ron C.

“You made my first ever options trade profitable. Although the new profit was only $198 for buying and selling 10 contacts of the put and the hedge call, the trade was a great first experience. It was a gain of a little over 8% in three days. Not bad! I’m looking forward to your next move, when I can be more aggressive.”

Frank R.

“Well, gentlemen, thanks to your recommendations, I have just purchased a $225,000 ranch house in the mountains with some acreage and made $40,000 off my trades. I bought the house at an auction for a steal on the dollar!! Thanks Bryan, and thanks to all my fellow members. You guys are amazing. Now all of my friends want to join!”

Greg H.

“Bryan, congrats on an excellent system. It is exactly what I have always been looking for, and by the way, it’s going to be an extremely successful year for me. I’m very happy with your lock and load style of trading – time decay has nailed me too many times over the years!”

Rupert W.

“I just got in from the field… WOW. You’re kicking it into the end zone my friend, boy, oh boy. Your followers have got to love that. I wish I would have gotten the update on the whole lot, but I can see our old saying, “there is always another day,” sure plays well here. Looking good man… looking good!”

Mark B.