If you’re ready to begin trading and speculating like never before, then we invite you to enter The War Room. As you’ll soon see, The War Room is a unique, game-changing, collaborative platform where an elite group of like-minded traders gather each trading day to offer insight, ideas and community – all with the same goal: to make winning trades.

Every trading day, The War Room founders, Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, will offer you…

Live, Real-Time, Actionable Recommendations

Gone are the days of hearing about a big winner on CNBC – after it’s already happened. In The War Room, you’ll get live, real-time plays, strategies and tactics that will deliver trading winners on a daily basis.

You’ll always know the second it’s time to act – buy or sell.

Collaboration With Other War Room Members

Trading doesn’t have to be a lonely game. In The War Room, you’ll have the chance to meet like-minded traders, all sharing their best ideas for daily wealth creation.

This community of traders has never before been available, which makes The War Room recommendation portal unique.

How to Restore the Lost Art of Smart Speculation

Forget everything you’ve learned. The theme of Monument Traders Alliance is to speculate in a way that will hand you a tremendous return if you’re right and cost you a small loss if you’re wrong.

Starting in May, you can put these principles to work for yourself – inside The War Room.

The War Room is truly a game-changing, wealth-generating portal – one that will open your eyes to a world of trading, speculation and wealth creation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


If you want to hear more about The War Room, or you’re interested in joining, call 1-(800)-507-1399!