War Open House

I’d Like to Introduce You… to Overnight Trades


Just a quick message today as our Open House gets closer and closer.

I want to let you know about one thing we have planned for next week.

It’s a BIG Overnight Trade.

I’m looking to make this one on April 13.


What are Overnight Trades?


They are one of the most popular types of trades within The War Room.

For example, we made one Overnight Trade on FedEx.

On September 17, I knew FedEx was right for an Overnight Trade.

As long as members got in before the 4 p.m. closing bell, they could have done whatever they wanted with the rest of their day…

Then gone to bed… slept soundly…

And woken up to an official gain of 188%… OVERNIGHT!

And many did even better…

FedEx was good for me… Bought at $3.40… out of them this a.m. for $7.80… made $11,520!
Robert D., War Room Member

That was me at $17. I was quick on the trigger… I’ll take 300% any time.
Mark P., War Room Member

Awesome trade results… FedEx in at $2.56 and out at $13.42… generated 423%… sweet.
Wilson, War Room Member

THANKS! First week in and my first big winner!
William B., War Room Member

In FedEx at $3.45, out at $17.10 = 496%. Thanks BB and all the WR chatter.
Dale, War Room Member

But nothing beats Mark’s post…

Amazing trade for FedEx. Made enough to pay for my daughter’s car!
Mark D., War Room Member

Overnight Trades are amazing…

And on Tuesday…

I’m doing a training session to show how we make these amazing trades.


You’ll get a live trade recommendation for your FIRST Overnight Trade opportunity.


You can just watch the trade if you like.

Or… you can make it right along with War Room members.

It’s completely up to you.


You’ll want to find out about this unique strategy.

And you never know…

We might have even MORE Overnight Trade opportunities.

The fun starts next week…

And you don’t want to miss a single day!

Yours in smart speculation,

Bryan Bottarelli Signature

Bryan Bottarelli, Head Trade Tactician
Monument Traders Alliance

P.S. Once again… here’s the full training schedule for our Open House.

  • Monday, April 12, 2 p.m.: Options 101: How We Trade for Daily Gains (Intro to Calls and Puts)
  • Tuesday, April 13, 2 p.m.: Overnight Trades: Setting Up a LIVE Trade in Real Time
  • Wednesday, April 14, 2 p.m.: LEAPS: Play Your Favorite Stocks With Less Money Down
  • Thursday, April 15, 2 p.m.: Cluster Buying: Following Insiders for Profits
  • Friday, Aril 16, 11 a.m.: Covered Calls: Extra Income From Your Favorite Stocks (Even if They DON’T Go Up)

P.P.S. Got questions? During our Open House Training Sessions, we’ll tackle the biggest problems and points of confusion from our members. We can’t give any personal investment advice…

But if there’s ever been something about the market or trading strategies you’d like to know… Click on this link to submit your questions!