Riding Market Momentum With 25 Winners Last Month

I continue to be amazed… If you haven’t been logging in to The War Room lately, you’re missing out on an insane hot streak. Last month, Bryan and Karim dished out 25 winners at a 92.60% win rate. That is more than a win per day on average, and the average gain was over 22.9%. So … Continued

Boosting Your Daily Profit-Making Potential

When markets closed Friday, the S&P 500 had advanced for 16 weeks in a row. This was the longest winning streak since 1989. The bull market that has been running since October of last year is still intact. In The War Room, we continue to capitalize on the market momentum. Bryan and Karim closed 24 … Continued

January Was a Great Month in The War Room

The economy had a resilient month in January, as it continued to defy predictions of a recession after the Federal Reserve’s aggressive series of interest rate hikes. But the markets didn’t just survive – they showed strength. As we mentioned in last month’s update, January is typically one of the best months of the year … Continued

While Wall Street Whiffs… War Room Wins

Happy New Year War Room Warriors! Do you remember what Wall Street analysts were saying this time last year? If you forgot… markets were supposed to suck wind in 2023. Many professionals thought that that U.S. would fall into a recession. And we were supposed to be in a bear market by year’s end. Even … Continued

The Predictable Market Rally Handed Us 26 Wins and 15 Overnight Payouts

We nailed it… Last month, we told you that dating back to 1950, November has been the strongest month for stocks. And boy, did we see some big monthly moves! The S&P finished up 8.92% in November, the Dow was up 8.77% and the tech-heavy Nasdaq shot up 10.52%. Once again, November maintained its status … Continued

November Is Usually the Strongest Month for Stocks… Will That Hold Up in 2023?

October is in our rearview. It ended up being the third consecutive month in the red for the S&P 500. This is the first time the index has declined for three straight months since 2020. In fact, all three major indexes – the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 – finished down last month. It was … Continued

Profiting From Historical Weakness

We warned you in last month’s War Room Briefing… Dating back to 1928, September has been the worst-performing month for U.S. stocks. That seasonal trend was spot-on again, with the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow finishing the month down 4.3%, 4.5% and 3.4%, respectively. But the War Room team was prepared and ready to capitalize … Continued

Take the Money and Run in September

As we predicted, August was a rough month for stocks. In last month’s War Room Briefing, I highlighted that the S&P 500 was entering a historically weak season… and this trend played out like clockwork. The index dropped as much as 5.5% in August and finished the month down 1.8%. As Bryan noted in The … Continued

Summer Doldrums Can’t Stop Our Register Ringing

Vacations and spending time with family and friends are key components in a trader’s life. What’s the point of pulling in profits if you can’t use them on things you enjoy? With that in mind, like most Americans, we took some time off in July. The War Room stayed open, but Bryan and Karim were … Continued

We Remain Hot in 2023!

Welcome to all our new War Room members! Our team and community are very excited to have you on board. During this past week’s Open House, you got a sneak peek of what our elite, real-time trading chat room has to offer. And as you saw… we deliver the goods. This past week, Bryan and … Continued