The War Room Mobile Alerts FAQ

How do I sign up for text alerts?

You can opt-in to receive text alerts by clicking here, or by texting “thewarroom” to 87847 (878-47) from your mobile phone.

What do I do if I haven’t received a confirmation text after signing up through the site link?

Please double-check and make sure you’ve entered the right information. It may be beneficial to go back and re-enter the information carefully.

Alternatively, you can text “thewarroom” to 87847 – signing up this way avoids running into any confirmation text issues.

If you’re still having issues, message us in the moderator tab providing us your full name, number, carrier and country.

Why don’t I get the full trade in the text message?

We must operate within the publisher’s exemption of the Investment Advisors Act, so; we CANNOT add the full trade information to the text message. You must view that information in The War Room. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Can I put alerts on hold?

Unfortunately, no. You’ll actually have to opt-out of text alerts. You can do that by typing “STOP” to 87847.

How do I re-opt in for text alerts?

To opt back in for War Room text alerts, you must type “HELP” to 87847. This will reset your account and allow you to opt back in by signing up through the website or typing “thewarroom” to 87847.

I was previously receiving alerts, but I am not getting them anymore.

If you have received mobile alerts before and aren’t getting them anymore, text “STOP” to 87847, then text “HELP” to 87847. After that, sign back up through the website, or type “thewarroom” to 87847.

How do I enable sound alerts in The War Room?

There’s a chime played in The War Room only when a trade alert is issued, updated or an important announcement is made.

To hear the sound alert, it’s important to make sure your sound is on, no headphones are plugged in and your speakers are set to the default device.

After prolonged inactivity, your browser will no longer send out sound alerts, even when a trade is issued. This is entirely out of our control, and the issue lies in how browsers function. To make sure you never miss a sound alert in The War Room, make sure to interact with your browser throughout the day.