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Welcome to The War Room! I’m the moderator, JoEllen, and I’m here to help you with any questions you may have about The War Room. Please also send any questions you may have for Bryan and Karim here, as they cannot respond to any one user directly, per SEC regulations.

I cannot give personalized investment advice to any one member, nor can Bryan or Karim. You can ask questions about open War Room positions in this tab, and I’ll send answers to the entire group in Members Chat.

This tab is a private line between you and me  no other member will be able to see these messages. 

To get started, please review this helpful video that gives you a rundown of how The War Room works. Copy and paste this link into your browser 

That video is also located in the Headquarters, a place where you can access everything else that comes with your War Room subscription. In the Headquarters, you can find your premium reports, informative training videos, the weekly War Room Briefing and other helpful resources. 

Before you jump right into trading with real money, we recommend paper trading for at least your first three weeks in order to understand how everything works, especially if you’re new to options trading. Trading is not a skill learned instantly. It takes time, practice, persistence and, most importantly, patience.  

We’re so happy you chose to join us in The War Room. Feel free to send questions my way, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!