Bryan Bottarelli

Whether it was selling the Star Wars figures he collected as a little boy for 50 times their value or using $125 of grass-cutting money to buy a Michael Jordan rookie card that he later sold for $1,500, it was clear Bryan Bottarelli was a born trader – possessing the unique ability to identify opportunities … Continued

Karim Rahemtulla

Karim began his trading career early… very early. While attending boarding school in England, he recognized the value of the homemade snacks his mom sent to him every semester and sold them for a profit to his fellow classmates who were trying to avoid the horrendous British food. He then graduated to stocks and options, … Continued

Nathan Bear

Nate graduated from Georgia Tech in 2005 with a bachelor’s in building construction. From there, he went straight into the 9-to-5 grind, the everyday suit-and-tie life. Two years later, he threw off the corporate shackles and started his own small business. Managing his business, United States Permit, from home gave him room to dabble in … Continued